Zola Blood – Islands

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-19-20-58If that runner who never wore shoes accidentally trod on a piece of glass while on the track in a super-competitive race then apparently her lane would be covered in sounds like this. Zola Blood make the hypothetical pain of such a world-renowned athlete (one for the kids this… I’m 24…) feel as though it might actually not be too bad after all, in fact maybe it’s something that should be happening far more regularly.

Their latest outing sees the warmth of ‘Islands‘ flicker into existence with a smattering of electronic goodness so delicious they could make it into… microchips. I’m not even remotely fucking sorry about that one. Sincerely, this is actually a beautiful tune right from the softly tempting vocals to the deep, soothing bass sounds to the synths that flutter away so care-free that you’ll feel as though you’ve wandered into a secret garden filled with everything you ever wanted. It’s a slow, careful work of art that lifts you up and could build you right up with hope on even the darkest of days.

Obviously this one track isn’t quite enough to keep you going all evening, so here are a few other pearlers of there’s that I’ve obsessed over in the past. If you hadn’t guessed it yet, I reckon they’re alright.

Ciaran Steward

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