The Shakers – Brixton Kiss

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-19-32-36Today I learned the hard way that polishing your floor with Mr Sheen is a bad idea. In hindsight, I somewhat knew this already because I’ve made a similar mistake before but I’m putting the blame for this instance of me ending up in a heap on the floor on The Shakers – perhaps it’s worth suing them…

Probably not though, its my own fault for getting so caught up in their new sounds and deciding for some reason it was worth getting up for a dance with my headphones on in a pretty dark room on my own. Anyway, that’s even more self-derogatory garbage than usual, on with the tune. As is painfully obvious at this point this one is a bit of a tune that’s about to slip in under your skin with a chilled out vibe that shows confidence, ability and white man funk in equal measure. That guitar is boss as you like and the whole aura of these sounds strips away reality, leaving you captivated by an aural treat so delicious you’ll ruin your appetite for that curry your mum ordered that should be arriving any minute.

Hypothetically, of course. Either way, this’ll go down smoother than those ten advent calendar chocolates you ate just now when you got back from your parents’ house after Christmas. This won’t end up making you feel sick later either, which is nice.

Ciaran Steward

(All scenarios depicted in this ‘review’ are strictly fantasy. Except the advent calendar chocolates, I’ve got a serious problem.)

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