BUCK – Hold On

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-11-47-03If you’ve got a spare five minutes today then stick some BUCK in your ears. No, this isn’t an obscure insult, it’s just a surprising bit of good advice straight to your eyes from my fingers via endless amounts of technology. Electronic buffs, this one is for you in a big ol’ way.

As the pulsating beat takes hold of your limbs the tender voice layers above it, along with the odd burst of shimmering light, to create something so filling you might have to put that chicken back in the freezer until tomorrow. With a chorus carved so smoothly you’d think Eddie Jones (the bloke behind this glorious aural affair) has got some kind of special tool stored away in his Welsh home that would’ve been a help to miners back in t’ day. After relentlessly thrilling your ears for the opening swathes everything is stripped away and built back up again, sounding now even more impressive than ever before as this synthesised journey feels like it will never end, nor would you want it to if you;re in your right mind.

Swirling, shimmering, soul-clenching and shit hot, this is a right bit of a treat. You hear?

Ciaran Steward

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