Mosa Wild – Smoke

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-11-36-46It’s rare that within the first three seconds of hearing a song you can decide that you love it. It’s even rarer when you’re someone who has to sift through stupid amounts of music sent to him from all corners of the globe. However, I genuinely fell a little bit in love with Mosa Wild‘s debut single within an instant.

Why? Well to tell you the truth I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps it’s the comforting warmth of the sound, the easily identifiable lyrics, the way it fills you up with a right good chunk of hope inside or even, just maybe, the entire thing and every last detail about it. This is one of those few songs that accurately deserves to be labelled as epic, it has as much gravitas as an Oscar winner, the pose of a leading ballerina and the comforting nature of a hug that only a parent who truly cares about you could really give. The Kent-based four-piece are really on to something here and – while I’d never usually fawn so easily over something with quite such a mainstream pop edge to it – they’ve got a ruddy good chance of doing rather well in this world if they play their cards right.

This is, quite simply, beautiful. Get right on it.

Ciaran Steward 

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