The Bay Rays – Satisfaction

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-15-01-12So it turns out you can get some of this lark if you go about it the right way – which, for the record, comes from tuning into The Bay Rays and blasting this absolute belter out so loudly that the neighbour you met for the first time yesterday who lives two doors down has spent the last 15 minutes banging away on your front door asking you to turn it down because his house is shaking.

But no! Never! This deserves to be blasted from the rooftops loudly and proudly as the Kent trio come at this one all guns blazing and with enough guitar strings in their bag that they could keep going for hours and you’d be a fool to want them to stop. Full of a vivacious energy that keeps on giving right to the final throes, this is about as satisfying as music gets. Following the opening guitar sirens the three lads wake up from their slumber to thrill minds, feet and stereo systems alike with a tune that should be catapulting them right up onto sizeable stages right across the UK.

Oooh, this is the good stuff. Jagger didn’t have a ruddy clue what he was on about. I need a cigarette…

Ciaran Steward

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