Thee MVPs – Most Valuable Players

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-15-58-29Let’s strap in for a nice bit of chaos shall we? Dangerously devilish noise-mongers Thee MVPs are on hand with a selection of ten of their finest tunes to date to not only blow the bloody doors off but to obliterate them into smithereens as if they were Alderaan on a day when a certain sith lord wasn’t in the mood for playing games.

As guitars and bass rampage through your ears, sounds echoed by drums pounding away harder than the chest of a man who thought having two double espressos this morning would be a great idea for dealing with a hangover, there are tinges of psych sounds on offer that give hints that this lot might have listened to GOAT or King Gizzard once or twice. There are a whole heap of influences bundled into this and it’s not hard to see that the foursome are giving an almighty salute to their forefathers of aggro-inspired rocking out. Yet it never descends into something totally unlistenable and over-confident, there’s a real awareness of this rowdy bunch knowing the limitations of hard and fast music. They push it all right up to the very edge of explosion before pulling you back by the strap on your dungarees to keep you from falling headfirst into the endless abyss.

Get ready for something that’ll have your mind racing faster than Einstein’s, toes tapping faster than [I wanted to put a famous tap dancer here but, for obvious reasons, I don’t know any and Google is so far away] while you find yourself spinning so endlessly out of control you might need a lie down. Oh go on then, just one more time round…

P.s. ‘A Song For Baron Willoughby‘ is a beast of a song with a top name to match.

Ciaran Steward 

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