Get Inuit – Barbiturates

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-09-34-14As 2017 gets off to a start without TOO much having gone wrong just yet things seem to be looking up as Get Inuit have been back in the studio and just released one hell of a stormer to smack January so hard into life it isn’t entirely sure what to do with itself.

This immersive beaut transitions flawlessly between fairly relaxed verses – with an added dose of straining vocals flickering away – and epic, power-hungry hits of pure aural pleasure. ‘My brain has no health inspector‘ is a particular favourite lyric of mine, possibly as the old grey cells up there could do with a ‘professional clean’ or whatever it is landlords are demanding these days. When this one gets going it has more desire than whichever female lead ends up acting opposite Leonardo DiCaprio and more energy than a puppy that’s accidentally gulped down roughly three cans worth of Red Bull that are lying around on the floor because… Well, just because. Right through until the softly spoken final line this is sure to have you hooked and rubbing your hands with glee.

What a way to start the year eh? Who cares if it’s the 5th already, there was drinking and substance abuse to be done. Stay in school, kids.

Ciaran Steward

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