Crystal Cities – Good Life

screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-11-10-02Who cares that the giant weeds in your garden are being finally beaten off because of the frost, rather than any of the four grown men who live there actually bothering to do anything about them? That frost feels like it shouldn’t even be happening, though I’m probably just saying that because I’m stuck in a summery haze thanks to this jaunty little tune from Aussie indie-poppers Crystal Cities.

It’s light as a feather and feels like the sort of thing you’d hear drifting on a breeze while you’re sat on top of a hill, enjoying a boozy picnic with friends while various questionable smells fill the air. Marijuana, the smell is marijuana. This really is the good life though as it’ll get you so blissed out that you won’t have a care in the world and you’ll feel a smirk slowly stretching across your face, a giggle burning away in your throat and any tension from the working week lifted so far above your shoulders you’d probably need a stepladder to get it down.

The music, not the marijuana. I’m talking about the healing properties of stress-free music here. I don’t even know what marijuana is – is it a kind of cat? Or shoe? Anyway, listen to this if you fancy an easy-going kind of day.

Ciaran Steward

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