Glass Horses – Little Tricks

screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-11-30-06How about a nice little trip off-kilter? Come on, you loved it last time we went there – remember? We had ice cream while riding a pig backwards down Acton high street? This time I’ve even heard there will be Glass Horses – we both know how much you love horses. And things made of glass.

They’ll be playing music too, that sort of kind that has you staring away at your knackered Converse with your head all caught up in some form of swirling cataclysm of sound. You know, that really cool sounding stuff that makes reality seem like a myth and made the ’90s feel insanely in reach despite you only being a figment of my imagination for the last two or three minutes of rambling. This is a music review? Oh, right. The vocals are mesmerising, the guitars are locked in firmly on moving your braincells around and the general feel is so all-encompassing that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve heard this one before and lived it on endless repeats.

Woah there glass horsey, woah there. Settle down now, everything is going to be just fine on this side of the mirror.

Ciaran Steward

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