Hotel Lux – Envoi

screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-10-55-47Some mornings it feels just too hard to get out of bed – that’s pretty much the vibe flowing from new London five-piece Hotel Lux as a debonair attitude strikes the air as if to say ‘just five more minutes‘. You’re unlikely to cross a track with as much of careless feel as this in 2017 because they’ve rammed that nail so firmly on the head it looks to have gone right through the wood and into someone’s ankle on the other side.

Moving slower than a tortoise on grass, there’s something deeply disturbing about where these lads have come from yet I can’t help but find myself being attracted towards the darkness and hurtling down into that beautiful pit of despair. Optimism seems a long gone concept and it sounds as though many a life may well have been ruined here. But at the end of the day there aren’t too many better ways to ruin your life than having your headphones cast you into a deafening slumber without even dreaming of 100bpm. Or even 60bpm by the sound of it.

This is trudging, depressing, pure melancholia. I absolutely adore it and want oh so much more.

Ciaran Steward

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