The Mysterons – Sold My Medicine

15844403_1408273132530476_4096343405122377647_oI have listened to The Mysterons more than any other band in 2017. I mean, I assume I have – the figures aren’t back from my numbers guy yet but it seems pretty likely as I’ve danced around my room (and anywhere else) plenty of times when I’ve assumed no-one was watching while the Dutch geniuses (genii?) have thrilled my ears.

This beautifully hypnotic style of music-making is one of the purest joys I’ve ever experienced, with each touch barely skimming the surface yet getting so far under your skin you’ll be sure they’ve got into your blood stream. They don’t even need any of those terrifying hoops to control your mind like those bad guys what they got their name from did. Maybe I’m just fawning over them so much because of a childhood obsession with Captain Scarlett. But it’s probably these kaleidoscopic audio beauties themselves that have won me over as easy as a delicious slice of pie.

Give this one a big bit of love as it’s their newest offering but in truth I urge you strongly to indulge in everything you can find from this lot and store it all up so that you’ve got it at the end of every day, good or bad, as a special little treat for yourself. You’ve probably earned it.

Ciaran Steward

For some reason the Spotify version of the track doesn’t want to be nice and play ball (get embedded) so check it HERE instead.

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