ISLAND – Dreaming Of

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-08-38-46Having turned up here and there across London and the rest of the UK at gigs, festivals and potentially even children’s birthday parties for all I know, ISLAND have been making a wee bit of a name for themselves over the last year or so and this latest single suggests they might not quite be satisfied to stop just yet.

It’s a slow-building slice of indie goodness that teases thrashing crescendos but never loses site of the genius musicality the band have to offer. The foursome never get too carried away in the moment and the restraint they show allows them to really shine as individuals – whether it’s the emotionally-charged voice, the dreamy as you like guitars or anything else involved in this swirling beaut of a track, everything has a chance to shine and nobody seems to be trying too hard to show off or take centre stage. It’s as if they’ve followed a recipe for a tiramisu given to them by an old Italian woman right down to the finest detail, resulting in something that tastes just like mama used to make.

Calm, collected and never knowingly undersold, this is just a snippet of why these four gents could be right on the verge of something very special.

Ciaran Steward

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