Family Friends – I’m Like You

screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-07-29-56If any of you pay regular attention to this nonsense you’ll spot that this isn’t the first time a Furby has adorned the pages of WCT. That’s because this is another corker from the delightful Family Friends who are now starting to become part of the… furniture?

Their latest offering ‘I’m Like You‘ sees them create a blissed out state before rumbling on through it with a barrage of very, very sexy guitars. The alternative dream poppers switch effortlessly between calm, flowing verses and choruses with a wee bit of a bite to them that make you want to perhaps even be more than just family friends… There are hints of the psychedelic, mixed in with a number of standard pop clippings that combine to make this an easier listen than someone spending a whole evening telling you how beautiful you are – like you didn’t already know. It has an old school feel to it that suggests it could easily feel at home in any of the last three decades yet it still feels fresher than that half lemon you probably should have chucked out because, lets face it, you weren’t exactly going to have scrambled eggs again on a Monday morning. There just simply isn’t the time before work.

They’ve got an EP on the way next month which has got this little ripper on it so it’s well worth keeping an ear out for Family Friends as they’re a more talented pair of siblings than the Osmonds, Millibands and Chuckles combined.

Ciaran Steward

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