Findlay – Waste My Time

2017-01-24-03-15-28We stand here just over a month away from Findlay‘s debut album. That in itself is a win for music. I recall s̶t̶a̶n̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ dancing, watching Findlay at Liverpool Sound City back in May 2015 and she was album ready then if you ask me. Releases since have only echoed that very statement, meaning that upon its arrival Forgotten Pleasures is very much a hotly-anticipated debut record.

Although several earlier releases such as ‘Greasy Love‘, ‘Junkfood‘ and ‘Off & On‘ are featured on the album, new single ‘Waste My Time‘ follows blues-zinger ‘Wild & Unwise‘ as the second track released directly in the run-up to Forgotten Pleasures on March 3.

Waste My Time‘ sees Findlay detail another chapter of being young, drifting in and out of the winding roads of love and getting pretty fucked up along the way and often being left without answers, pretty much the personality that is sure to ooze out of her album. It’s that honesty at heart you can relate to on so many levels, beautifully refreshing.

So how does ‘Waste My Time‘ hold up musically against its predecessors? The answer is, quite simply, extremely strong. There’s a distinct synth throb throughout, showing a slight evolution to Findlay‘s signature sound of old, yet leading to arguably her most anthemic chorus yet. Coupled with the fuzzed-up guitars and bouncing vocal rhythm, it’s faultless.

Findlay just leaves you wanting more and more and the best thing is we’ve only got just over five weeks till we get just that. Early impressions from the tracks we know is this album is going to rock socks to dangerous levels and is going to come across damn fucking good live.

Those of you who, like me, caught her totally slaying the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury a few years ago will know just how slick a tune ‘Stoned & Alone‘ is and there’s a collaboration with Libertine Carl Bârat and plenty more unheard newbies coming our way too. We’re spoilt here really, to be honest. There’s tour dates coming and probably festivals too this summer, so there’s going to be plenty of Findlay in our ears and that’s a pleasure that’s hard to forget.

Jake Marley

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