Palm Honey – Tucked Into The Electronic Wave

ph_pressFollowing a Facebook Live premiere with considerably more respectable music-lovers Dork, Palm Honey‘s exquisite new EP has found its way into my clutches and I won’t be letting go unless you’re willing to bankroll me to do this for a whole year. Any takers? I thought not… Damn.

But it’s alright, because I get to swoon over just how delicious these four tracks are. I’ve previously raved about how insanely perfect lead single ‘Stick The Knife In‘ is and now it has been joined by three aural siblings, each brimming with a cheeky charm that’ll make you consider adopting them and buying them all sorts of toys that are way outside your budget. These are the sort of sounds you should cherish and take to somewhere like Gourmet Burger Kitchen instead of McDonalds – you know, because you want to spoil them so they’ll love you more. It’s a quartet of songs crafted so well you’d have sworn they were made by the Gods themselves. Everything just clicks here in a way that’s so satisfying and across the board you can tell in an instant that this is a bunch of incredibly talented musicians joining forces to make music that’s full of so much heart and soul it’s almost sickening. But there’s ne’er a bad word to be said about any of this. I think I might be in love, though many who know me well would argue that that’s beyond the limit of my emotions.

This is almost certainly my favourite EP of the year so far and it’s going to take some beating for me to love another quite this passionately.

Ciaran Steward

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