Mad Alice – Vulture Tree

fb_img_1485408408959Mad Alice are amongst Liverpool’s finest emerging bands and now they’ve stamped their mark good and proper with blues-rock zinger ‘Vulture Tree‘, released on promising new Mersey label Ragazza Sola Records.

From the get go it’s a real dark fuzz-ball, more tight and assured than out of control, yet giving it a fair bit of snarl for good measure. Effortlessly cool.

It’s a dark introduction that uses vocalist Caitlin Hare’s storming voice to maximum effect as the track bounces on in feisty fashion with many dynamics that’d be very much at home in The Dead Weather’s playground. Fuzzy riffs, a throbbing bassline fused with prominant drums. You can imagine White and Mosshart giving this one a good going over in the rehearsal room on “7.

The track has been given some equally dark visuals to boot featuring vultures and trees and…erm, wait a minute.

There’s no doubt Mad Alice have a sound and aura many bands will look upon with a jealous eye and in ‘Vulture Tree‘ and a track they put out last year Ball and Maze they’ve showcased just a snippet of their potential. They give it large like the best of ’em live too.

Jake Marley

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