CAT – You Belong To Me

cat-you-belong-to-me-2017-2480x2480As a big fan, when LA-based sister duo The Pierces decided to go their separate ways in 2015 I was intrigued to see if a new project or two may appear. Now fast forward to 2017 and Catherine Pierce is back with her new solo project CAT and her debut single ‘You Belong To Me‘. Co-produced by two producers with a plethora of credits between them including Frank Ocean, Banks and James Blake. Seems like production duties are in good hands then.

It’s a damn seductive track both vocally and musically full of longing and sultry tones, the like that you’d normally place in the Lana Del Rey bracket but The Pierces were knocking out Lana-isms well before Lana even knew her ‘isms years ago.

There’s a bigger force at play however, CAT‘s been experimenting on shrooms and experiencing some strange visions and mind wanderings. One of which inspired her to pen this song, essentially about loving someone that much that they take over your life and the period were you just let the madness consume you for a bit and accept it as normality even though it’s far from it.

The idea comes from an experience she had during a small trip were she felt during a walk like the plants and moon were communicating with her. Weird eh, although it intrigues me to see what other wacky things have inspired songs she’s penned down the line.

This is the first cut taken from her debut solo record coming later this year, majestic pop at its finest and an impressive first impact as a solo artist. I guess the CAT got the cream.

Jake Marley

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