This Is… L.A. Spring


A little while ago I got a lovely message on Soundcloud from a band called L.A.Spring. After ruling out any possibility of them being a bit like L.T.Smash – you know, from that ‘Party Posse’ episode of The Simpsons – I actually listened to their tunes and found out just how boss they are. So, after some stalling and uselessness on my part, I asked them a few questions so that you can get that Los Angeles feeling right in your own home;

Who are you and why do you do music?

We’re L.A Spring – James, George and Jamie – and we do music because it’s bloody fun, init?

How would you describe your sound without using the letter ‘e’?

Spicy lctronic guitar tuns for the jiltd youth.

What do you think makes music inherently ‘good’?

As cliched as it sounds, if it makes you feel something. If a tune can provoke some sort of emotion – happy, sad, excited, angry – then you’re on to a winner.

What’s your new track all about? It’s called Heart and Soul so… Is it about cheese?

It’s about how all those Camembert buzzfeed hipsters are ruining everything for the real cheese connoisseurs of the world. Oh, and venue closures.

What’s your favourite animal-related interaction of your life so far?

(George) I used to work giving out flyers in Nottingham and once saw a Rottweiler attacking a tree. Like proper going for it. That was an incredible moment in nature I think.

(James) A squirrel ran up my leg in Hyde park looking for nuts. It didn’t find any..

Why L.A. Spring? Obvious question, but you’re not from California? And it isn’t even always Spring?

Being originally from the North West, the closest thing we have to exotic is Blackpool. So growing up there’s always been a fascination with the west coast of the states. Sounds alright too.

What question would you ask if you were a real interviewer? Can you ask yourselves that please so I don’t have to think of anything clever?

“What makes a real interviewer?” (Damn, they’re good… – C)

What’s the best bit of a zoo?

Nothing – it’s pretty fucked up when you think about it. Imagine being lifted from the Serengeti and dropped in a cage in Chester.

So… Trump… Discuss.

More of a parp than a pump. Bit wet, lucky not to follow through.

How many bites would it take you to eat an apple? Please show your working.

120MB for a Red, 95MB for a Granny Smith. The calculations are too long to include here and will be outlined in an upcoming scientific paper.

Which new artists are you really excited about and who should we be paying more attention to?

Blush from Essex are absolute babes – Honey Lung played the Social in London last week and they blew us away. Oh and Editselect and Temple of Anyone are playing at our next show, both are so sick. There’s a lot of great music happening right now.

Go on then, plug away – what have you got coming up next?

Our next single Heart and Soul is out on now and the single launch show goes down on the 7th Feb at Camden Assembly.

Beyond that, we’re working on recording a couple more things and then summer, who knows?

Get a load more of L.A. Spring here.

Ciarán Steward

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