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Video Premiere: Secret Cameras – It Doesn’t Matter

it-doesnt-matter_rgbGet your peepers around this new one from Secret Cameras who’ve been right good and let us bring you their visual treats first because we’re proper keen on them.

This beaut gets nice and rocky as the video shows a desertion into darkness, cramming all the emotional pull of a fun length film into less than four minutes without the need for any explanation aside from the lyrics. It’s so raw that you might have to take a day or two off work afterwards but it’ll be well worth it because you’ve been indulging in something so good you won’t need another hit like this for at least a few days. This is the sort of thing I think the kids would call anthemic and you don’t have to try hard to imagine just how powerful a live show from this lot would be – turns out they’ve got one lined up at London’s 229 on March 17th to launch their new EP, you might want to check that out…

For now though, let yourself be taken in by the video for ‘It Doesn’t Matter‘ and have Secret Cameras take good care of you as they kick off this week with more energy than a Red Bull-fuelled roadrunner.

Ciarán Steward

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