Yellow Days – That Easy

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 22.10.19When Yellow Days was last sending his tunes around WCTHQ we nearly had a bit of a meltdown. As he told us to ‘Go Home‘ all we could do was sit with our mouths agape, listening so intensely to his exquisite soulful voice as he tried to encourage us to leave. But we stuck around and we’re glad we did because he might have just gone one better.

That Easy‘ is a pure soul track with a heart-wrenching vocal style that Sam Cooke would be proud of. The 18-year-old (seriously? He’s only 18???) has wisdom beyond his years in that voice and with such an incredible array of sounds surrounding it this feels like it should be opening or closing one of the year’s top indie flicks. As always, we’ve fallen just a bit too much for the baseline but in truth every last sound on this track feels like it has been touched by some kind of magical being, allowing it to play as freely as a talking instrument in a Pixar film.

Yet at the end of the day the sheer genius here comes down to that utterly irresistible voice. How someone so young can create something just so… There aren’t even words for this, you just need to hear it.

Ciarán Steward

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