Her’s – Speed Racer

screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-21-45-25Time to crack out the gel sandals, apparently Her’s haven’t been looking out the window too much as they’ve created something so delightfully summer that you’d be tempted to crack out the sunnies and those swimming shorts that really make your legs look ropey but it’s the best you can afford.

Almost like a less depressed imitation of The Smiths, the band get caught up on a feel-good vibe that extends to hand claps and jaunty organ sounds fitting in around guitars tailor made for sunshine. The vocals add something a tad more dour to proceedings yet they don’t exactly dampen the spirit, just give it somewhat of a creeptacular edge that’s more than welcome. This’ll clear those pesky rain clouds that leave your hair looking like you’re on your way to an audition for N*Sync, or a shoddy tribute band. It would be just so easy to think that summer might have already arrived – in February, no less – if you closed your eyes, cranked your heating up to a level that might bankrupt you and do the monkey like there’s no tomorrow. Get the prices for a trip to Honolulu and pack up the suitcase, you might as well make the most of this positivity.

Don’t forget to pack this track before you go though, otherwise you’ll have wasted a load of money just to go sun it up without a beaut of a tune to accompany you. And nobody wants a quiet, peaceful holiday do they?

Ciarán Steward

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