Weird Milk – This Close

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-10-08It’s probably not a natural thing to say ‘corr, I love me a bit of Weird Milk‘ and yet I found those words stumbling their way out of my mouth just a tad earlier in this sentence. That’s because rather than some lumpy grot, I’m talking about the West London alternative quartet who’ve been tantalising my ears with their spectacular new sounds.

With a full-on ’60s vibe flowing through this more carelessly than a hippy’s dress back in the days where my dad swears vehemently he was ‘with it’, you’re settling in for three minutes in incredibly capable hands of four quick-witted individuals who’ll add a lovely slither of off-kilter melodies to your day. There are harmonies more intoxicating than the fumes flickering away under my nose as I type so dangerously fast that I’m some my fingers are becoming stubbier with each ill thought out, rambling sentence. What a first single this is though, it’d be a pretty good idea to keep an eye on this bunch as they look like a fantastic prospect for the future.

It’s difficult to say no when something is this good and if you’re foolish enough to say no to something this brilliant then you’re clearly a few nuts short of a Snickers.

Ciarán Steward

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