Pelicandy – In Echoes

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-22-27-43Maybe it’s the excellent band name, maybe the fact I love the ’80s with a passion that’s a bit weird for someone who wasn’t even born, or maybe it;s just the sheer fact I’m really digging this Pelicandy tune that convinced me to write this sentence. And this one. And the next few.

It’s pop music like they used to make – not that reckon them kids are making nowadays, eh Vera? Baselines come straight from an A-Ha classic, vocal hooks feel fresher than Vanilla Ice (alright, that’s technically early ’90s but… Shut up) and the whole thing feels like it could blend straight into Kate Bush in a ‘remember these hits’ kind of night. Ah, come on now, you can’t always expect to be writing the next ‘big thing’. Sometimes you’ve just got to be a little bit selfish and indulge in something that reminds you of the good times of the past. They were so good for a reason and I’ll reckon you that it’s because the tunes were right bangers like this.

I really do love the band name. What a great decision that was. Go on then, get in your time machine. Or, if you’re a cheapskate, just close your eyes and listen to this beaut. It’ll be pretty much the same, except when you open them again Trump will be president and not just… God, I don’t know politics well enough to finish that sentence. Oh well.

Ciarán Steward

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