Annabel Allum – Rich Backgrounds

screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-10-40-28This landed on my proverbial plate with a note saying that Annabel Allum has already had strong comparisons to Courtney Barnett. Yep. They’ve nailed that one. This has all the charm of the Aussie smart-arse but with a proper London (alright, Guildford) charm that makes my Essex roots find their way into the forefront of my mind to shout ‘Oi, this is banging’ mate!’

It’s probably because I’ve got a whole chip butty on my shoulder about rich backgrounds myself that got me so pumped up by this. Well, and the thundering guitars, cracking little guitar solo and the sheer ferocity the lyrics are spat back at you as if coming straight from the council estate via a quick stop at Maccy D’s for a few nuggets. Christ, this gets huge as well at the end – I can barely even hear my own internal monologue telling me to rise up and fight the power. The author’s quote on the track absolutely nails it: “It’s not necessarily ragging on rich people, but more rich attitudes. I wanted to bring those kids back down to earth a bit – yes you may have all the materialistic un-necessities, but do you have all the un-materialistic necessities?

Come on then you little rich boys. See you near the bins at 3pm for a right old school punch up. I’ll be turning up with this blazing, there’s no way I could lose.

Ciarán Steward

(Disclaimer: I’m well aware of how posh I sound on the radio, but I’ll always be a Harlow Town boy at heart. Probably also shouldn’t have said I’d meet some ‘little rich boys’ behind the bins. That could easily be misconstrued…)

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