Annabel Allum – Eat Greens

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 20.31.33Without a doubt, Annabel Allum is up there in the top five artists that has wrestled their way into my flaky ears in 2017. Last single ‘Rich Backgrounds‘ was always going to need something special to follow it if she was really going to pull you in by the lapels and – luckily for all of us – ‘Eat Greens‘ is just as infectious, outrageous and just plain top drawer.

Bass-heavy rocking out, that irresistible shouty lead vocals and a positive message about healthy eating (in a way…), this has more than you’d expect from your average angsty rage out. Repetition is key but never grating, production is polished yet entirely smashed about recklessly like a TV you’ve leant to This Feeling and ultimately you’re listening to a bit of a moan while on tenterhooks to see what grinchy rant comes next. Who wants to listen to happy, poppy, mindless nonsense anyway? This is so raw you might be in danger of salmonella. Then again, if you keep eating all your vegetables then you’ll probably be ok. I think I accidentally ate a vegetable once…

Keep both eyes on Annabel Allum because she is fucking quality. Seriously, listen to her religiously and you’ll do just fine.

Ciarán Steward

(I’m sorry I did a swear, I’ve had a lot of caffeine…)

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