Ginger Snaps – Number Crunching

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 21.15.42With a main guitar riff that sounds like a super-snazzy version of The Who’s ‘Can’t Explain‘, the newest Ginger Snaps track feels about as carefree as the kind of bloke who doesn’t mind doing his shopping without a top on. Sure, everyone else in Tesco (other supermarkets exist) might have a problem with it but he’s not going to let them change his mind at all, no sirree!

Anyway, this tune is a right lively beaut which channels everything from ’60s Motown and psychedelic vibes to hints of grunge and modern day discontent. It’s more upbeat than your mate who has an obsession with sherbet Dip-Dabs and better production values than anything your wireless Apple headphones could even dream of mustering (you sell out, you). It’s just the whole aura of the track that makes it such a sure-fire winner – you’ll have your hips wiggling, head nodding and arms flailing in so little time that your loved ones won’t even have time to call the mental hospital to come pick you up. It really is a corker this, honest, right from start to finish you won’t be able to give even an ounce of your attention to anything else.

Right then lads and ladies, time to get those abacuses out and get… ‘Number Crunching‘…

Shut up.

Ciarán Steward

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