Husky Loops – Tempo

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 19.52.31One of the best live bands I saw last year, Husky Loops returned during my absence with latest corker ‘Tempo‘ which relies on a thundering bass and an emotionally-fuelled voice to get it through to a brief second of rapturous joy and then a brief outro that slows things down more unexpectedly than ‘Come On Eileen‘.

The trio are absolutely on fire at the moment and if you’re heading to The Great Escape this year then make sure they’re on your ‘To See’ list, no matter who you might think is clashing with them. There’s an unbridled raw energy in their sound that’s so distinctly their own and somehow they even make it feel as though each individual drum has its own drawn out character profile. Vocals? Somewhat menacing perhaps, the way they manage to stay so restrained in the early throes while carrying so much weight is something of a rare treat. Each of the threesome manages to toe a bizarre line between being incredibly understated and yet earning a rightful place right at the forefront of your mind – these are top quality musicians playing music they definitely have a genuine passion for.

Man that outro is just so cool, I just want to strut down the street like I’m a wrestler from the early ’00s making a surprise entrance at the Royal Rumble. This has real swagger.

Ciarán Steward

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