W. H. Lung – Nothing Is

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 21.26.07Set aside eight minutes and twelve seconds (or maybe double that) to make sure you get your daily dose of W.H.Lung. Why? Well, because this is the best track that runs for longer than the time it takes to boil two eggs separately that you’re going to hear this year.

The steady, enticing build that lasts a greenfly’s lifetime is a trip into synths goodness, the likes of which haven’t been seen too often since Boris Blank was in his prime (kids, ask your cool uncles). With a welcome sense of hesitation the Manchester-based outfit rely on the listener being willing to put their full faith in them and, when the lyrics finally come, there’s a pulsating psych-inspired pop song that’s grown up all around you that you were completely unaware of. When everything is in full flow you could easily see this going on for days as swells of hippy types flood fields with their limbs akimbo, bodies moving only as the music commands them to. It’s fascinatingly constructed this and works so perfectly you might begin questioning if there’s some kind of divine intervention. Or maybe a wizard did it.

What an absolute beauty this is, you’d have to be deaf not to want more of this aural goodness in your life.

Ciarán Steward

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