Glass Mountain – Cowboy Song/More Than This

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 19.42.44Welcome in a new dawn, a new light, a world in which the sunrise brings a welcome warmth yet doesn’t quite do as much to fill your bones as this new pair of tunes from Glass Mountain does. With a slow, measured approach the band release ‘Cowboy Song‘ into life in such a calming way that you’d be forgiven for trying to waltz to it. Of course, a waltz is in 3/4 and this isn’t so you’d look pretty foolish rather rapidly.

In more than five minutes the band seem to make very little movement yet you’ll find yourself hanging on every last sound as their marathon-esque approach sparks up tiny moments like certain basslines, drum fills and vocal twinges that make you go ‘oh really? That’s what they’re doing now? Not bad, eh.’ Well, it would if you were a polite Canadian. The track comes paired with the equally intriguing ‘More Than This‘ that starts off in a far more mysterious, murky manner – not too dissimilar to where I would imagine Swamp Thing likes to spend his Friday nights. Though maybe it’s better for a dusk scene where only occasional, blinking streetlights are on hand to light your way. Again, that virtue of patience makes this such a tear-jerker and there’s plenty of character in the honest approach of the Bradford quartet.

Don’t expect anything that’ll have you jumping out of your seat, these are sounds to make you sink deep into the sofa and feel engulfed by the cushions. But, like, in a good way. Y’get me?

Ciarán Steward

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