Two Hands Full… Family Friends

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 08.18.24The band who put a Furby on their cover are back – Family Friends are continuing to make my head spin and they’re showing no signs of letting up or letting me get a rest any time soon. The brother-sister duo released their latest EP Look The Other Way last month and it’s absolutely ram-packed of top quality indie pop sounds. It seems as though this pair have managed to put any sibling rivalries aside to combine forces and get a whole series of delicious aural treats together.

To celebrate the release of their EP (a little belatedly, admittedly) they’ve combined forces once again to provide us with two whole hands full of the tracks that they truly love and inspire them. We asked them why and they told us the reasons behind their choices. Simple, yeah?

First though here’s a new gem from the EP for you to enjoy called, er, ‘New‘;

What You Isn’t — Brian Jonestown Massacre

Because if you write a good hook, repeat it for five minutes!

Dancing in the Dark — Bruce Springsteen

Because Tom listens to this at least once a day.

Sexy Sadie — The Beatles

Because this is John Lennon at his most groovy.

Daydream — The Loving Spoonful

Because it’s one of the first tunes we can remember listening to in the car when we were children.

Weezer — The Sweater Song

Because Weezer forever.

How Deep Is Your Love — The Bee Gees

Because the Bee Gees forever.

Mean to Me — Crowded House

Because Neil Finn is one of the most underrated songwriters of all time and this tune gives a shout out to Te Awamutu — the place in New Zealand where our Dad was born!

You Oughta Know —Alanis Morisette

Because Alanis is Rebecca’s hero and this performance is righteous.

Blur — Villa Rosie

Because this was the moment Tom fell in love with Graham Coxon.

John Frusciante playing Tiny Dancer

Because this has got to be the most joyful thing you can watch on the internet.

Get a load more from Family Friends on Facebook, Twitter or by stalking them in real life.

Ciarán Steward

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