Seeing Hands – Love You Still

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 21.12.27If you actually sit down and have a think about Seeing Hands as a band name it’s potentially a right clever decision because you’re pretty much always seeing your hands, right? I don’t know – I’ve been really ill so leave me alone, I’m just trying to distract you briefly before you delve in to this absolute stormer of a dream pop offering.

Prepare yourself for being as blissed out as a beached starfish wearing a snazzy pair of sunglasses on a summer’s day while it chills on the sands of a private beach that nobody actually ever bothers to use. The Newcastle four-piece are on hand with another kaleidoscopic piece of genius that’ll have you reaching for a childhood teddy to comfort you because there’s no way they can be creating something this good without messing with your brain fibres just a teensy bit. It’s a low energy Sunday, a bowl of Weetabix being spoon fed to you, the dawn of a generation where everyone in a position of power is higher than Snoop on a Friday afternoon after he’s stopped off at the pharmacist.

Just chill, maaaaaaan. This’ll take right good care of you.

Ciarán Steward

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