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Video Premiere: Dantevilles – Graffiti

received_10155275484584382Stepping into your life with more spring in its step than a man who’s at least 25% mattress, this new corker from Dantevilles is sure to put you in the best mood possible as the weekend arrives. The jangly beaut doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to cheering you right up and give you a much overdue injection of indie-pop goodness.

The video sees the quartet messing about with some spray paint (kids, don’t try this at home unless you’re totally sure you’ll do a kick-ass job) and taking turns to give a straight down the barrel lip-syncing of the tune. Of course, there’s plenty of time for them to be mucking about with each other’s hair, giving the classic bunny ears and an awful lot more while they’re not the one in the hot-seat. Always good to have a bit of fun visually – particularly when it matches the good-times vibe of a single like this. Sparkling until the last, it’s a real life-affirming slice of joy that comes just as the sun decides it’s worth popping out for the usual yearly week or two of half-decent weather.

These Manchester lads have got a sense of happiness about them that’ll spread like wildfire as you delve into their world – it’s a perfect audio video combo and (if you’re in the Manchester area) definitely get down to their headline show at Sound Control on June 3rd. It’ll be tasty, yeah?

Ciarán Steward

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