Two Islands – Heaven

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 21.05.00Complete with a video that you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be watching if you’re epileptic in any way, the new one from Two Islands is catchier than whatever it is that’s making me itch. Soft and tender vocals (and even softer and tender-er harmonies) sit atop a cascade of claps, delicious bass and god knows what else to create something so trippily fantastic you might just be tripping – and it isn’t just the lights.

Pumping away in parts like an old school Top Of The Pops band that would be on somewhere in the middle, it’s layered thick with all sorts of trendy goodness that only a studio session after plenty of caffeine/alcohol/something stronger can bring about. There’s creativity in abundance as the disco vibes flow on longer into the night than the cape of a particularly creepy gentleman who might want to plunge his teeth into you. Yes, I am reading Dracula at the moment and don’t entirely understand what’s going on except for the bites bits. Anyway, this beaut has plenty of bite (HA!) in the sense that it’ll get you falling for the Liverpool-based collective harder than if there was some kind of Transylvanian magic overcoming your body.

They’re not here for your blood, they just want your ears. You should probably give them over, you know, in case they decide they actually are here for your blood. They probably won’t though. Maybe.

Ciarán Steward

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