Colour Of Spring – Love

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 20.13.05Well isn’t this just lovely? Don’t you just love it? Love is a many splendid thing, or however that line from Moulin Rouge goes. Not ashamed to say that I enjoyed the film, though I don’t think I’m quite as proud of that as I am of my burning desire for Leeds shoegazers Colour Of Spring.

Their second single ‘Love‘ (Huh, well that was lucky wasn’t it?) is the perfect chill out tune for anyone who isn’t exactly feeling balearic by the current heatwave dominating London and – I assume – the rest of the UK. If being in that man’s armpit on the Central Line stuck at Holborn today wasn’t a beautiful moment then I think my brain might just be broken. But anyway, this sophomore outing for the band feels somewhat like a moody teen dragging their rhinestone embossed heels along a gravelly floor and sparks are flying everywhere as if they were the fluffy bits of a dandelion caught in the breeze. Low energy doesn’t even begin to cover it but what it may be lacking in joy de vivre this tune certainly makes up for in character, boss guitars and as a stark reminder that at the end of the day “it’s only love“.

Well isn’t this just a bit brilliant? More please lads – in fact, can you just bring me everything from the menu so I can devour it now?

Ciarán Steward

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