Boy Days – In My Ways

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 18.03.00So smooth you’ll be checking your watch to make sure you’ve not gone back to the ’70s (though frankly I doubt your watch will have that kind of power), these new sounds from Boy Days are perfect for those lounging afternoons where all you really want to do is be soaked in ice cold water by the beautiful people.

This feels as though it has come straight out of the pages of some kind of catalogue for satin as everything about the song – except for the expertly juxtaposed lo-fi vocals – comes across as if it were softer than a big ol’ ball of cotton. Grooving along with that ‘yeah baby, I know it’ swagger, you’ll be eating out of the palm of the London trio’s hands in no time at all as they wow you with something so phenomenally trapped in the wrong time that it stands out from the endless trail of releases like a thumb so perfectly crafted it couldn’t even get sore if you spent an hour whacking it with a hammer.

Oh for the love of god, why isn’t everyone making this kind of thing? It’s just impossible to resist their charms. I’m off to clean up my act, buy some roses and get my cheesiest grin on for their approval.

Ciarán Steward

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