Electric Honey – The Science

the science album artDetroit: The Motor City. Home of the 8 Mile. Also, several other cultural things that are completely irrelevant to the fact that Electric Honey have got a new song out and I don’t really know much about their native town except whatever I’ve seen on TV or in film. Still, this track is a bit of alright.

This particular brand of rock isn’t exactly complex but they do know how to put together a chain of good little melodies and it does feel very much an American sound, whatever that means. It’s loose but predictable, open and honest but not giving too much away. Essentially, an aural oxymoron for the ages. Still, there’s plenty of joy to be had from tuning in to this new single which disappointingly I’m informed doesn’t count as me now being an expert on science. Or electricity. I’ve got honey down, that’s not a problem. They call me Ciarán The Pooh, at least I wish they did.

Give this a try and see how you feel. It might not turn your world upside down but it deserved a wry smile and nod at the very least.

Ciarán Steward

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