A Handful Of… MORGAN

New London-based artist MORGAN has emerged from the shadows with her debut track ‘Alone‘ and she hits every last note with a soulful breath that’ll have your knees feeling weaker than a bridge made of jelly. This swathe of blissed out electro-pop is effortlessly smooth and there’s beauty in the simplicity of the sound – as well as in that incredible voice it’s impossible to get enough of.

Here, she tells us about a handful of tracks that inspire her and have some kind of emotional pull on here. Of course, usually hands have five fingers but apparently this hand has an extra finger and that’s… Well that’s just fine. So give ‘Alone‘ a spin then tune in to a handful of other great tracks.

1. Bob Marley – Fussing and Fighting

Especially with the current political climate, this song speaks for itself. Bob Marley is a massive inspiration for writing universal songs from the heart.

2. Sade – Your love is King

As a child I grew up listening to Sade because of my mum. Her smooth and rich vocals are gold.

3. The Weeknd – The Knowing

Apart from a heart wrenching song, his video for this song is inspiring, its otherworldly, and his historical references reflect on my own desire to draw inspiration from historical cultures (particularly Ancient Egyptian). As a whole, The Weeknds earlier darker, sexual work is very inspiring.

4. Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

The first time I ever heard this I cried, I get chills every time I listen. This is always a reference point when brainstorming with producers; not only for the guitar solo but also for the way the song builds.

5. Kate Bush – The Song of Solomon

As explored in my debut single ‘Alone’, it’s important to me as an artist to have my stamp on female sensuality. Kate Bush embodies this in a lot of her songs, but this is one my favourites. As suggested, this is from the biblical ‘Song of Songs’, Kate bush inspires me as a writer to use poetry and other works to influence my song-writing.

6. Stevie Nicks – Crystal (Specifically the Practical Magic Soundtrack)

This song is from one of my favourite films growing up. It encourages me to explore my connection to witches and mysticism; and just makes me feel magic.

Get more MORGAN on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Ciarán Steward

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