NIGHT OWLS – Out Of My Head

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 21.09.27Slackers. What an absolute bunch of slackers. I bet this lot couldn’t tie a tie properly even if they had a gun to their heads. Good. That’s just how I like them, in fact I’ve grown rather fond of this scrappy little tyke from NIGHT OWLS I might even consider taking it under my wing.

If it were visual it would be slumped up against a wall, hanging a head full of incredibly messy hair while staring at comically undone shoelaces, dressed up in an oversized jacket that’s probably a hand me down and has a ketchup stain on the sleeve. Basically, too cool for school. There doesn’t feel like any energy has been spent at all on this scrappy little thing but actually every last element has been carefully planned down to the last detail and results in a sonic ripper that shows the Leeds-based trio have actually got their heads screwed on incredibly straight. Just like that infamous John Hughes indie flick, this is a proper Slacker and it fills me with hope and inspiration even though it feels like a defeatist anthem. Yet it’s real, so incredibly real.

Set aside five minutes and change to delve into this phenomenal world of audio genius and fill your biggest boots with whatever this lot have to offer. It’ll be worth its weight in vinyl.

Ciarán Steward

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