A Handful Of… Vassals

Months and months ago, I asked New York-based Vassals to put together a Handful of tunes they absolutely love. Then I totally forgot about it and now I feel bad. They’ve not got anything new out at the moment, but they’re still brilliant and at the very least deserve you to listen to the ace slacker rock sounds they’ve created and for me to gush over them a wee bit.

SOHO‘ is a right little nipper and it does all that sunny afternoon vibe stuff without being cheesy in the slightest. In fact, if you’re lactose intolerant I recommend this as an alternative. It’s great. So here’s Vassals being great, and then here’s them telling you what they think is great. Lovely.

Back to the Flood – Blank Realm

Because I have no idea what this song is saying but it feels like driving into a sunrise.

Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

Because every day I get up and read the news and have to laugh to keep from crying and screaming.

The Isn’t It – Giant Drag

Because I recently found my copy of this record from 2005 and it’s still rad.

Once More to See You – Mitski

Because those harmonies and those feelings.

Instant Disassembly – Parquet Courts

Because that guitar melody has burrowed into my brain and is now a part of me.

Get more Vassals on Facebook or wherever else you want.

Ciarán Steward

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