Diamond Thug – Eclipsed

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 10.08.26They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. South Africans Diamond Thug are also a best friend, of your ears, when they hear genuine gem – ‘Eclipsed‘.

This is a quartet who know exactly how to take you on a wavy dream-pop trip straight to the clouds. As their mesmeric new slice proves right from its opening synth pulse. It’s easily the strongest track they’ve delivered yet, teaming the best elements from their off kilter pop core with swooning psych-rock guitar melodies, on the button drums and a prominent, insanely danceable bassline.

It’s even bordering on scuzzy at times, as they give in even further to the experimental style that makes you love them so much, it’s kind of rude to even pinpoint it to a genre, so I won’t, not specifically anyway. File it under bloody brilliant if your O.C.D doesn’t like the lack of categorisation.

It has a strange quality as a track too, in the sense that throughout its many phases of genre-bending beauty, it’s constantly glistening away and can one listen feel like the three minute forty five seconds it is, and another feel significantly longer. I guess that’s just it, once you’re under the spell of Chantel Van T’s flawless vocal, your dream can be as long or as short as you wish.

It’s perfectly at home accompanying you on a lazy summer evening but is best served with a G&T under a festival sunset, I imagine.

Jake Marley

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