Girl Ray – Don’t Go Back At Ten

Girl Ray Dont Go Back At Ten artwork SMALLI think my favourite thing about Girl Ray is that they named their album Earl Grey. As both a fan of tea and pointless wordplay, this is right up my street. That being said, they do still need to have a word with the various 6Music DJs who keep calling it ‘Early Grey’ because… Well, I don’t know why to be perfectly honest.

Second to the album name, I also love the fact that the teenage trio have an incredible tightness to their sound which is so easily identifiable as their own unique flavour. This time out the mellow swagger makes another appearance as they take their time, meticulously planning every beat to within an inch of their lives. Somehow they routinely manage to create a Mr Sheen-esque polished sound while being strangely lo-fi and sounding like they’re just cutting their first demo. It’s ridiculous to think that they’re still in their teens and yet they’ve got more talent and worldly knowledge than your average mid-’20s layabout who spends their days watching Netflix and ‘chilling’, whatever that means.

Girl Ray are great, you should know this by now. If you didn’t then that’s a shame, but don’t take it out on yourself. Get educated by tuning in ASAP.

Ciarán Steward

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