BlackWaters – Let The Good Times Roll

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 14.15.49What a hefty slice of the angsty sounds of yours, mine and every other person who’s ever felt fed up with the norm’s teenage years this is. BlackWaters have nailed the art of rage so expertly here that I’ll be looking to sign up to a part-time course if they’re offering one on the cheap.

They’re clearly a band of great taste – check the So Young T-shirt in that press pic (Nice) – and they’re already turning more heads than if Lady Godiva looked like Cara Delevingne and was galloping through Camden Market. It’s like listening to ‘Teenage Kicks‘ through a Sid Vicious filter, straight-forward songwriting that comes equipped with spikes and all kind of dangerous goods. The teenage quartet are undoubtedly smashing it so far out of the park with this one that there’s no chance the mean old git next door will ever give them their ball back. Packed with a chorus that feels like it should be an anthem being raged by misguided middle-class uni students down the street, this belter has everything you could ever want if you’re planning a big one.

Get. Right. In.

Ciarán Steward

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