Luna Bay – Hometown

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 16.29.42Indie pop time again, is it? Right you are – straight out of London then we’ve got Luna Bay who are making some lovely pretty sounds that are sure to woo the girls and get them plenty of pats on the back from their pals.

It’s breezier than being sat in front of a fan at work all day, plus it doesn’t have the annoying side-effect of making your hair look an absolute state. The quartet have got a nice, snappy  chorus on hand here that does a top job of pulling you in but doesn’t outstay any kind of welcome. This is the sort of sound that you could play at a big family do and get your cousins, parents and potentially even grandparents wiggling about a bit – though, to be totally clear, you know you’re the one with the best moves in the family so they’re essentially just embarrassing themselves in your presence.

Get a little pep in your step and lighten the day right up – if you’re able to listen to this without at least once breaking out into a beaming smile then questions need to be asked…

Ciarán Steward

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