Sure Sure – Friends

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 16.23.41Well now, sounds like SOMEBODY has been listening to ‘Hard Knock Life‘ while getting their songwriting hat on. That somebody might just be one member of Sure Sure who may well have been channelling a little Jay-Z along with your everyday indie sounds.

What makes this track so irresistible is the sparsity – the piano and drums leave plenty of space for your imagination to fill in the blanks for the most part while the vocals strike down that central valley of space to bring home more bacon than a pig farmer. With less than three minutes on the clock, there’s not a huge amount of variation here but it does swell like a ripe peach as the wide open spaces are filled in by sounds that really warm your cockles and make this into something you’re not getting down your local pub, even if they serve pie and mash. Then again, this lot are from LA so the concept of pie, mash and (of course) eels is probably pretty lost on them.

Still, this is beauty in simplicity. No frills or spills, just a nice wee song.

Ciarán Steward

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