Has A Shadow – Sorrow

unnamed (7)Murkier than the bath water of someone who has spent the last week or so trying to walk back from Glastonbury to Liverpool without any real breaks, this new video from Has A Shadow sees a psych-twinged prince of darkness having one hell of a bender.

Coming seemingly from minds that are either too awake or not awake enough, this ridiculous blend of magnificent sounds is enough to even make the peppiest party-goer consider a quick lie-down. The Mexican post-punk duo have really got something special enough here that they could easily mark it down as limited edition and get away with flogging it at ten times the usual price. What you’re in for here is four minute (precisely) of slightly off-kilter sound that channels King Gizzard…, GOAT and all those other psych experts that are twisting minds as if they were nothing more than the cap of a nice big, delicious bottle of Irn Bru.

Why would anyone want to live in the sunlight when the shadows are this enticing? You should loiter around in the darkness with sounds like this for a little while longer, I can only imagine it’s perfectly healthy and surprisingly good for you.

Ciarán Steward

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