Paris Youth Foundation – Missing The Mark

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.10.01Liverpool lads Paris Youth Foundation have gone all moody and emotional with their latest track ‘Missing The Mark‘ and you might have to send out some supportive texts to the ones you care about after listening to this because you’ll be confused about exactly who’s crying. It’s definitely not me though, my eyes are bone dry. Honest.

The rapid rise of the five-some is seeing them preparing for Reading & Leeds Festival as well as a support slot for the unmissable INHEAVEN. This is the sort of tune that will HUGELY go off at any live show – the drop is almost as big as Fat Freddy’s and when it hits expect teenage fanboys and fangirls to be losing their shit more than the people who like Skrillex and that do when the bass drops. On the whole this feels like a more restrained effort from the quintet yet when that pressure is finally released it comes down on you harder than a ton of bricks. Or a ton of feathers, which would be just as fast. Science.

This lot are absolute boss and it’s great to see them doing so well – undoubtedly one to keep both eyes firmly on.

Ciarán Steward

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