PRESSYES – Touch The Sky

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 07.21.51Treat yourself to a bit of psyched out pop for once. Go on, you’ve earned it with all those guitars that have been in your diet recently. PRESSYES mix pop sounds with a psych feel and a vocal that delivers with more conviction than a postman who keeps getting caught delving into his own mailbag.

The Vienna-based music likes to play with your ears by pushing sounds al around the inside of your head so quickly that you’ll be left with your head spinning while your eyes have barely even noticed anything is happening. Apparently the lyrics here were fairly improvised so a pat on the back has to be given for the fact there aren’t lots of ‘errrr’ moments or a string of the same phrases being used repeatedly and just repurposed slightly differently. God forbid anyone should do that… That psychedelic edge is never truly lost, even when the more pop sensibilities of the track start to take over, and it makes this into a much more worthwhile listen than your average pop tune.

With plenty of hints of Unknown Mortal Orchestra on show here, this is a must-listen for anyone who likes their pop music with a little something special stirred into the mix.

Ciarán Steward

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