Trash – 81

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 12.27.34The best gig performance I’ve seen all year was Trash absolutely nailing it at London’s Sebright Arms a few weeks back while WCT was on hiatus. I say best, I mean best I can remember due to an overwhelming intake of harmful toxins. But I urge you to see this lot live any chance you get because it’s an utterly overwhelming experience.

As well as the previously raved about ‘Migraines‘, the other track from that set which stood out like a lighthouse full of whey protein was this new(wish) single. The ’90s swagger wrapped up in it keeps your mind spinning and reminiscing about heady days that you’re not entirely sure you were actually there for. The Chesterfield quartet give off that whole ‘we don’t care what you think of us’ vibe without it ever seeming arsey, I’m sure they’re right lovely lads and they seem to really have their morals lined up neatly. Of their latest sounds, they say: “This message is simple: you’re not gonna be around forever so make every second count. Please fulfil life, take a risk, have experiences, laugh a lot and try to worry as little as possible.

So – not to sound like Future Islands’ Samuel T Herring or Brad Goodman from The Simpsons – go out there and live life to the full. Listen to amazing music like this and it’ll give you that energy and desire you need to make every day count.

Ciarán Steward

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