TRASH – Migraines

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 21.12.11I’m pretty sure summer is on the way. Why, you don’t ask. Well it’s partly because I’m sweating more than the dancers in that Eric Prydz video every teenage lad in the ’00s was fond of every time I get off the tube but also because ’tis the season for a jangly summer banger.

One such offering of janglesome indie pop is the latest corker from Chesterfield’s TRASH. This one is far from rubbish (Get in!) and belongs to be pride of place on the BBQ. Just chuck that chateaubriand steak in the bin and get this on there instead. That’s right, I know fancy steaks. It’s got that ‘dance like nobody you care about is watching’ vibe flowing right through it as you feel the urge to frolic around more rambunctiously than a particularly jolly lamb. There’s a dollop more character than your usual summer happy-go-lucky offering and the four gents show a tad more understanding for the craft of music than your one hit summer wonders, only able to pop out one track about why you’ll only need a t-shirt in this heat.

Get right on this and get it right on. This is far from rubbish (Did I do that already?).

Ciarán Steward

(Main image: Tarquin Clark)

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