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Premiere: Adam & Elvis – She Bites Mosquitoes

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 11.00.33Hello there, you wave slice of darkness. I haven’t heard you around here before, do you come here often? Oh, you came with Adam & Elvis did you? Maybe you’ll be coming home with me tonight because I just can’t take my ears off of you and you’re doing all kinds of wonderful things to my mind.

While some riffs sound like they’ve been tampered with by a operatic phantom, others feel like they’ve been laid on the cutting room floor by mistake by a member of Franz Ferdinand (I’m betting Paul, based on personal experience…) and been snaffled off by the Malone brothers and their musical associates so that they can throw them into the cauldron and come up with this beauty. Never destined to trouble the Top 40 show presenters, this is more for those music-lovers who like something a little peculiar to dip in their tea – a sandwich or some crisps, perhaps. But why would you want to be doing the same thing as everyone else when you can mix things up and make something that’s so uniquely you that captures your character as if it were some kind of mystic photograph.

Step outside of your comfort zone and see what it’s like to take the path less travelled. I wouldn’t recommend hanging out in dark alleyways, but I’d recommend trying this on for size.

Ciarán Steward

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